ProfITsoft: "Despite the war, cooperation continues"

Ukrainian universities started the new academic year online again.

Supporting the lectures of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, the ProfITsoft company decided to provide them with computer equipment – modern system units and monitors.

The COO of the ProfITsoft company, Oleksandr Petrichenko says: “Earlier, the main task was to improve the students circumstances. But the functioning of the university is constantly changing. And now, during the war, we want to support the lectures of the university. After all, additional significant complications in conducting of online abduction require increasing the reliability of their technical support.”

The cooperation between the KhNURE department and the ProfITsoft IT company has been going on for over 20 years – almost as long as the Internet technology laboratory created by the company has been operating as part of the University. Hundreds of students passed through this laboratory, who, in addition, improved their professional skills by doing internships in the company. During this time, a significant number of higher education graduates, having passed the test, got a job in the company.

Later, the ProfITsoft company equipped a multimedia laboratory in which not only current classes are held, but also defenses of attestation works, hearings of dissertation works, meetings of sections of scientific conferences and forums.

A very important part of cooperation for many years has been conducting scientific research within the framework of farm contract research works. These studies, despite difficult times, continue even now! The new initiative found warm support among the employees of the department of ICS KhNURE. Perhaps the initiated new form of cooperation between IT business and higher education institutions is certainly important today and very promising in the future for Kharkiv and Ukraine!

We believe in the Victory of Ukraine!

ProfITsoft: «Незважаючи на війну, співробітництво триває»