Postgraduate and Doctorate

The Department trains the postgraduate students and doctoral students in the following Specialties:

05.13.06 – Information Technologies. Scientific supervisors: Levykin Victor Makarovych, Chaly Serhii Fedorovych, Maksim Ievlanov, Volodymyr Ivanovych Sayenko, Mikhnov Dmitrii Kondratovych, Alina Volodymyrivna Mikhnova.

122 – Computer Science. Scientific supervisors: Levykin Victor Makarovych, Chaly Serhii Fedorovych, Maxim Evlanov, Volodymyr Ivanovich Saenko, Mikhnev Dmitry Kondratovych, Alina Volodymyricna Mikhnova.

126 – Information Systems and Technologies.

Scientific supervisors: Levykin Victor Makarovych, Chaly Serhiy Fedorovych, Maksim Ievlanov, Volodymyr Ivanovych Sayenko, Mikhnov Dmitrii Kondratovych.

Such dissertations for obtaining a Scientific Degree of the Doctor of Technical Sciences were prepared and defended within the framework of scientific direction under the supervision of V.M. Levykin:

  1. Chaly Serhii Fedorovych – “Automated management of business processes. Models, methods and technologies ».
  2. Kuzyomin Olexandr Yakovlevych – “Methods, models and information technologies for monitoring and elimination of emergency natural situations”.
  3. Shevchenko Ihor Vasiliyovych – “Methods, models and information technologies of monitoring and optimization of the process of cultivation of semiconductor single crystals”.
  4. Ievlanov Maksim Viktorovych – “Models, methods and information technology of development of the architecture of complex information systems on the basis of functional requirements”.

For obtaining a Scientific Degree of the Candidate of Technical Sciences:

  1. Borysenko Victor Petrovych – “Method of the dialog constructing logic-semiotic tools for automation of simulation modeling of complex systems”;
  2. Borysenko Tetyana Ivanivna – “Automation of synthesis of problem-oriented software of automated systems”;
  3. Sklyarov Olexandr Yakovlevych – “Multilevel algorithms for solving problems of optimal control of dynamic systems”;
  4. Losev Mikhail Yuriyovych – “Decision of the tasks of operational control and management on the basis of assessment of the state of the production system”;
  5. Naguchev Hamed Madynovych – “Development and research of the automation system for designing the information base of ACS”;
  6. Kolesnikova Svitlana Volodymyrivna – “Algorithmic maintenance of operational tasks and production planning of robotic assembly production”;
  7. Lymar Serhii Ivanovych – “Development of elements of hardware-software of the real-time mode in local ACS”;
  8. Kauk Victor Ivanovych – “Research and development of information processing algorithms for frequency information signals in the subsystems of automated information processing and control systems”;
  9. Kobzyev Ihor Volodymyrovych – “Models and algorithms of automated management of repair production”;
  10. Ievlanov Maksim Viktorovych – “Development of models and algorithms for automation of creation and maintenance of document management of organizational systems”;
  11. Mikhayevych Oleksiy Ihorevych – “Elements of technology for the development of methods and the formation of algorithms for solving ACS tasks”;
  12. Aydarov Oleksandr Vasiliyovych – “Problem-oriented integrated technology and means of forming multicriterial models of functional problems in ACS”;
  13. Safvan A.S. Al Salaymeh – “Models and algorithms for the development of logistic information of non-controlling systems”;
  14. Mohammad Muhayrat – “Models, algorithms and technology for the development of distributed databases of information and control systems”;
  15. Petrychenko Olexandr Vyacheslavovych – “Models and algorithms of targeted programming in the development of databases of information systems”;
  16. Simkina Rayisa Artemivna – “Models and algorithms of decision-making support system for equipment maintenance repair”;
  17. Krotyuk Iryna Grigoriivna – “Models and instrumental means of the operational control system of production”;
  18. Ahmed Albakhlul – “Models of Structural and Object Technology for the Development of the Interface Complex of the Corporate Information System”;
  19. Kostenko Olexandr Petrovych – “Models and algorithms of information-analytical marketing system”;
  20. Shevchenko Ihor Vasiliyovych – “Models and instrumental means of operational dispatching management by quarry motor transport”;
  21. Neofitna Tetyana Mikhaylivna – “Category model and method of replenishment of hierarchical knowledge bases of subject areas of automated systems”;
  22. Kudryavtseva Marina Serhiivna – “Models and instrumental tasks of control and management of the electric power complex”.
  23. Kernosov Maksim Andriyovych – “Models and Information Technologies for the Administration of the Information Complex of Automated Systems”.
  24. Chernenko Nikolay Volodymyrovych – “Methods and information technology of integration of corporate systems databases”.
  25. Gnidenko Olha Serhiivna – “Models, methods and information technology of enterprise process management on the basis of balanced indicators”.

Defended Dissertations Under the supervision of M.V. Ievlanov:

  1. Serdyuk Natalia Mykolaivna – “Mathematical models, method and information technology for monitoring the state of production personnel of the enterprise”.

Defended Dissertations under the supervision of V.I. Sayenko:

  1. Klymenko Olexandr – “Models, algorithms and technologies of organizational systems with administrative management”.
  2. Golubev Oleksandr – “Methods and technologies of resource administration in distributed service-oriented information systems”.
  3. Mohammad Al Rawaiba (Jordan) – “Models, algorithms and technologies for computer network configuration management”.

Defended Dissertations under the supervision of D.K. Mikhnov:

  1. Mohammed K. Mohammed – “Methods and Models for Assessing the Efficiency of Using Wireless Segments in Information Systems.”
  2. Saif K. Muhamed – “Models and technology of choosing the structure of technical means of information systems”.