SPECIALTY 122 – Computer Science

Educational program: Computer Science

  1. Administering and monitoring of computer cloud network systems
  2. Computer Network
  3. Control of enterprise IT infrastructure
  4. Cross-platform programming
  5. Design of information systems
  6. Distributed and parallel databases
  7. Fundamentals of research, organization of science and copyright
  8. IS and flexible project management technologies
  9. IT product requirements management
  10. IT Projects Management
  11. IT projets management
  12. Methodology Agile development of information systems
  13. Methodology and methods of project management in the field of information technology
  14. Methods of optimization and research of operations
  15. Modern programming technologies Python
  16. Network Technologies
  17. Object Oriented Programming Technologies
  18. Object-oriented programming
  19. Requirements and Models of Information Control Systems
  20. System analysis
  21. Technological Strategic Project Management
  22. Theory of algorithms
  23. Web-technologies and JavaScript